👋Welcome to PotLock

Bringing funding to the table

PotLock is bringing funding to the table in a new way. Potlock is the public goods funding stack on NEAR Protocol.

🚀pageValue Proposition

Our Values

  • Funding Public Goods

  • Impact Based Assessment

  • Bringing in New Channels of Capital

  • Allowing Funding to Scale with Growth of Projects

Origin Name

Potlucks are communal events where everyone brings their own dish to the table. As a funding platform we embody these values Also sometimes referred to a PotLock. Additionally a community Pot is generally considered as a source of funding, while a lock invokes security and trust. At PotLock we embody all this, the community coming together with different resources to the table, to secure funding for the public.

Current State of PotLock

Current we are in our beta phase and MVP2, with project registration + direct donations w/ referrals.

  • Project Registry & Profiles: Public Goods can register their project and edit their profile. Check out Create Your project for more information

  • Add Donations to Cart + Checkout: Add projects to your cart, toggle donations in NEAR, and payout multiple donations.

  • Donation Referrals: Share your favorite public good project, and get a fee everytime someone donates through your link. Automatic payouts in NEAR. Click here to see how to get a donation referral link.

  • Quadratic Funding Rounds: deploy quadratic funding rounds, sponsor rounds directly

Got feedback? Write a bug, feature-request, or enhancement at potlock.io/feedback

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