Projects are the lifeline of PotLock, founders making an impact is what we are here to fund.

Why Join PotLock?

PotLock is a platform to

  • Build in public

  • Get donations directly at any time

  • Apply to funding rounds to get funds quadratically matched

  • Leverage impact evaluations and milestone based accountability to get access to higher tiers of funding rounds

  • Automatically get visibility in NEAR ecosystem through NEAR Horizon platform

How to Signup

Go to potlock.io/register to register today. You will need at least 1 N to fill out information as you are interacting with our project registry, nearhorizon.near and the social graph so you can list on BOS.

How to Apply for A Round

In order to be eligible for certain rounds you may need a SBT unless it a "Dish" round. However all projects must be approved on the PotLock registry, so please go through the aforementioned signup flow.

Who Should Control Project Account

  • Only Co-Founders should control this account as payouts should be adminstered. Considering that you have a social media account you may want to give your an account to a social media manager. However this is not recommended. A better solution is to configure your twitter account through the Wormhole widget to BOS, and use the #BOS to sync tweets. Even then it is recommended you even use delegated access through twitter to other individuals for security purposes.

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