📬Apply to A Pot

How to apply to a quadratic funding round as a proejct

Be on the Potlock Registry

Create Your Project

Will need to be approved from pending. Join the Potlock Community telegram to let the admins know to check (they should check every other day)

Go Back to Pot & Apply

Go back to pot and click apply. Then give the reason as to why you qualify for this Pot.

Are You Applying As A DAO?

Get Approved

After you are approved you need to rally more of your supports to donate when the matching round is live, to get more of the pool. You can check the "applications" tab of the pot to see if you are approved, or check the projects section.

Get Others To Donate to You

Advertise on social media and send instructions to your community about what quadratic funding is and how to donate once matching round is live. Even before the matching round is started, it is recommended that donors verify as a human to prevent any friction points.

📣For Approved Projects in Pot💗Matched Donations | Donate Through A Pot

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