🤖Verify As Human

Go through different checks to become a verified human.

To get your human checks through different contract go to nada.bot terminal (coming soon). Learn more at https://docs.nada.bot

Verifying with Nada.bot

Nada.bot is a sybil contract aggreator. Different providers like face scan, id verification, social auth, ethereum addresses require you go on their 3rd party website and verify the credential with your near addres. Then you go back to the nada.bot app and add the proof to our contract registry. Each stamp has a dynamic weight, and our contract has a human threshold. Collect stamps until you get a score to be determine as a human on chain.

Current Benefits

  • Get Donations Matched for Quadratic Funding Rounds

  • Future Reputation in NEAR Ecosystem and exclusive access to dApps + smart contracts


If I have verified through I Am Human through NDC, why am I not a human on nada.bot?

Nada.bot human verification is absed on verifying that you have 3rd party services and add that stamp through the app. Then it calculates all these stamps adds a weight and see if it surpasses the human threshold. I AM HUMAN must be added and based on score, it may not be enough to be human on nada.bot

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