🏛️Apply to Pot as a DAO

Register as a DAO for quadratic funding rounds

Applying as a DAO allows you to recieve payouts directly to your DAO address and make sure the account is controlled by a group. In order to apply to a pot as a DAO, the pot may require that you be on the Potlock public goods registry. To register as a DAO check out this link. After which you need your DAO approved (checkout https://potlock.org/community to get approved)

Don't have a DAO, learn to Create a DAO here

Every DAO transaction is a two part step

  • propose to do something

  • pass to vote to do something

A challenge is meeting a quorum for you DAO to vote to get added

Note, in order to apply as a DAO you need

  • to have function call proposal permissions, or the ability to propse from the account you are logged in from for the DAO to interact with the contract

  • go to the DAO proposal dashboard and get enough people to vote to pass. Once a quorum is met with amount to pass, then the function call executes as a transaction

Click on apply to DAO

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