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An observor is someone who is just observing and is not logged in. This is different than a non-kyc'd donor who is someone with an account without the I-Am-Human face verification NFT.


Things an observor can do

  • Browse: Browse available projects

  • Audit: Considering everything is on chain, you don't need to be logged in to see,

    • Transaction History Page:

What you can't do

  • Contribute to funding rounds

  • Make attestations

  • Make direct donations or get on chain referrals

It is important to note that most observors from a UI persepctive have similar views, but certain dashboard buttons are not showing, or things like donate show an popup message prompting the observor to do an action to get a role. For example if you try to donate it says you must be logged in.

  • Matched Rounds

  • Have Access to Round Manager Dashboard

  • Attest for a Project

  • Literally any interaction on chain, log-in bro its how you do things

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