🥊Challenging Pot Results

On-chain process for the results of a quadratic funding round

Considering quadratic funding rounds are based on humans, the actual calculations happen off chain, their could be room for collusion, we have built a process for anyone to issue on chain challenges during a cooldown period

A cooldown period starts after matching round when a chef initiates it after processing off chain calculation and putting results on chain.

Reason to Create A Challenge

  • errors in bugs in the system: some donatiosn wer eblocked when originally created. Changes to nada bot requirements.

  • a miscalculation in matched amounts: show evidence of the miscalculation

  • someone clearly paying people to donate and using unfair incentives to favor them in a round: show evidence of this> Example nada.bot evidence.

  • the chef/owner/admin doing some wrong doing: show evidence of the transaction and them clearly initiating transaction that is different

How to Create A Challenge

Seeing Result of Challenge

Please go to the Potlock community chat to bring up new challenges that neeed to be addressed so this can be communicate to a chef. If a chef accepts a challenge, that means they need to provide a action for how this will change results. A chef must reject a challenge with a reason. In that case it will have no affect on outcome.

After cooldown period is done and all challenges have been addressed a chef can either update results or intiaite payouts.

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