We use alot of terms, this is to help explain all that so you know what the ingredients are to what we are cooking up

Technical Terms

  • Quadratic Funding - is a funding mechanisms that allows smaller donors to amplify their donations through a matching round.

  • Nada.bot: a sybil contract aggregator and verifiable credential discovery platform and contract that protects quadratic funding contract from bots

  • Soul Bound Token

  • Factory Contract - a factory contract denote a NEAR smart contract that deploy / create contracts of the same pattern. It is important that there are fees usually around 5N per smart contract to deploy this.

  • DAO - a decentralized autonomous organization. On NEAR most DAOs are created by the Sputnikv2 smart contract

  • SocialDB - data stored on the social.near contract. This powers the BOS data like widgets (components) that are front end code, to posts, follows as a social media platform. Social DB is pretty robust.

  • A Sybil attack uses fake identities to gain outsized control of a system

Other Terms

  • NEAR Impact - the Impact Vertical in the NEAR ecosystem


  • Funding Rounds = Pots: topical rounds that may or may not have quadratic matching pool. Similar to gitcoin

  • (Chefs) Round manager = st approves and manages a funding round.

  • Supporter / Donor = KYC’d individual via nada.bot that can donate and receive donation; sometimes referred to a donors, however this term will be reserved in the future for Proof of Donations and tax exempt funding startups

  • Patron = someone contributes to matching pool

  • User: someone who is on the platform, and not yet KYC’d. Logged in NEAR user, has an onchain account and is connected to dApp. Potential donor.

  • Observer: someone who just observing and not logged in

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