📃Contracts Overview

PotLock is a series of smart contracts and decentralized front ends to making funding coordination streamlined (potlock.org/core to see all contract source code)

All Contracts

To assure that all projects are coming from the official PotLock team they are deployed as subaccounts under the potlock.near namespace. Testnet and Mainnet follow the same naming conventions to avoid any confusion. Their are 7 main contracts, (technically Pot has many contracts as many Pots are deployed under the PotFactory)

Contract Addresses

Source Code https://github.com/PotLock/core/tree/main/contracts/donation

Mainnet donate.potlock.near

Testnet donate.potlock.testnet

Registry (for accounts to add themselves and for owner + admins controlled by owner to change status of projects on registry. Used to display projects and also enforced on Pots for application requirements)

Source code https://github.com/PotLock/core/tree/main/contracts/registry

Mainnet registry.potlock.near

Testnet registry.potlock.testnet

Sybil aka nadabot (for people to submit sybil verification stamps from different contracts, users to verify to stamps to increase score to meet human threshold, and owner + owner controlled admins, to approve & flag stamps, set wieghts, and set human thresholds, used as a sybil contract aggregator and managed contract enforced human checker)

Source Code https://github.com/PotLock/core/tree/main/contracts/sybil

Mainnet v1.nadabot.near

Staging v1.staging.nadabot.near

Testnet v1.nadabot.testnet

Pot Factory (deploys quadratic funding rounds (pots), and sets fees)

Source code https://github.com/PotLock/core/tree/main/contracts/pot_factory


Testnet: potfactory.potlock.testnet

Pot (quadratic funding round deployed by factory contract as a subaccount by anyone that specifies application dates, matching requirements, fees, a chef that can be changed by owner, where QF payouts are calculated off chain, initiated on chain with a cooldown veto period, application & donation requirement according to registry and sybil contract interfaces and allows anyone to sponsor for matching rounds, and donations to be passed through for optional fees and to keep track of matching payouts)

Source Code https://github.com/PotLock/core/tree/main/contracts/pot

Mainnet (whatever you deploy form pot contracts above)

🏭pagePotFactory [live]🍲pagePot [live]🙏pageDonation [live]🗺️pageRegistry [deprecated]🗃️pageAttestations - Hyperfiles [WIP]🤖pageSybil Contract - NADABOT

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Mainnet (potlock.near)

Testnet (potlock.testnet)

Warning: none of our contracts are audited, matter of fact we haven't even wrote the contract yet, super building in public vibes.

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