🗺️Registry [deprecated]

The old monolithic official public goods registry has been migrated to the first list on the permisionless lists contract which allows anyone to create their own registry

registry.potlock.near & registry.potlock.tetnet


The PotLock project registry allow us to query projects that have signed up to our project onboarding which uses contracts like nearhorizon.near and social.near, but also lets round managers to curate projects to prevent from getting spammed.


Deployed Contract


  • Projects can be only only by project addressed or whitelisted owner

    • Reccomended use a named account with projects name on it or subject to be added to graylist

    • All projects that signup through traditional flow will be putting on whitelist (approved), admins must trigger a status change to be taken off

  • an owner (DAO) can add admins that can add project manually to the registry or can change the status of the project (put on blacklist or graylist or approve a project)


  • can check wether a project is on registry

  • can check the status of a projects

  • can get the last projects on the whitelist, graylist, and blacklist

What is the difference between graylist and blacklist

  • graylist is if we are unsure this is a legit project

  • blacklist is surely not a legit project, it also may be a personal account, spam, or cointain inappropriate content

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