👩‍💻For Devs

How you can get involved as a developer

Join our community

Join our community on telegram to start ideating with us today, check out our governance forum

Check out what the ecosystem is building at https://ecosystem.potlock.org

Fork & Improve

  • Fork existing components and improve the flow. Make a PR on github

Build Client Applications

  • Build client applications in React, Angular, Vue, or whatever Javascript front end framework. Integrate your referral fees so you can benefit from PotLock ecosystem

Build Smart Contracts for Funding Mechanisms

  • Build contracts for people to delegate and distribute funding

Build Onboarding Solutions

  • Build onboarding solutions like Onramps for donors

Build Data Dashboard

  • Build tools that easily allow people to measure QF matching and impact

Build Tools To Gamify the Community / Engagement Tools

  • Build leaderboards money made through referrals

  • Build tools to track humans getting onboarded

  • Social graphs that map who onboarded the most impactful projects

  • Streamline evaluating attestations

  • Build analytics tools for the type of projects and contributor profiles that donate to which rounds

Help us measure impact and turn to credits

  • Build solutions that turn impact of companies into credits for patrons and donors.

  • Build tools that enable Proof of Donations and other tax benefits around the world

Integrate into Other Platforms

We believe us being the first quadratic funding contract on NEAR, should be used as a public good and streamlined into other quadratic funding platforms like Giveth and Gitcoin. Work with their engineering teams to integrate NEAR into their front end applications.

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