💰Sponsors | Funding A Matching Round

Sponsors aka Patrons put the food on the table, in this case the Pots that make the funding rounds.

Sponsors aka Patrons are different than Donors in that there donations are not matched. They are usually larger entities.

Why Be A Sponsor?

  • Support cohort of projects rather than direct projects

  • Get logo featured as sponsor

  • Impact based credits & retroactive reputations and rewards (Soon)

How to Sponsor A Quadratic Funding Round / Pot

If a pot is deployed you can donate directly. Make sure you update your NEAR.social profile as your profile image and profile link will be the image and the link displayed on the dynamic hyperboard.


Whats the minimum amount of a patron can put in funding round?

Their is no minimum. However round managers will be working closely with patrons for soft commits.

When can I fund a pot's matching pool as a sponsor?

Any time from the point the pot contract is deployed, until the payouts

How will I get credit for sponsorship?

Your sponsorship amount and logo will be pulled from the near.social account you are donating from

What about sponsorship agreement?

If you need an agreement for sponsorship, it is up to the Pot Owner, Admin, or Chef to close this

What if I don't have sponsorship amount in NEAR?

You will need to onramp or work with Pot owner to help convert to NEAR to put on chain.

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