🐛Beta Phase

Potlock's Initial Mainnet Deployment

PotLock is currently in its initial mainnet deployment for its donations & registry contract and is considered in its beta phases. That means contracts and middleware are deployed to mainnet and operate with real funds. However, the application is still in testing phase and it is possible that bugs and errors occur.

Moreover, the contracts have gone through 2 smart contract audits with Guvenkaya and Ottersec. There is a risk of loss of deposited funds in case of exploits. Overall, users should be aware of the risk and not commit large amounts of funds to the protocol. During Beta phase, donations should only be done in small amounts, to mitigate possible losses for users in case of problems.​ Interacting with Beta and leaving your feedback is highly appreciated (potlock.io/feedback)

Guvenkaya Audit

As part of the audit Guvenkaya review Potlock’s Donation (for direct donations with on chain referral) Pot, for quadratic funding, Pot-Factory (that makes quadratic funding contracts), Registry (for approving and registering accounts), and Sybil/Nada.bot (for aggregating sybil providers.

Ottersec Audit

Ottersec after the Guvenkaya audit was engaged to cover the Pot and PotFactory contracts and completed their report on February 15, 2024.

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