🔓PotLock Protocol

Describes PotLock as an open source public good anyone can fork

Potlock is a protocol for deploying any funding strategy, impact tracking and engagement tools for public goods. We are completely open source, modular, and permissionless from day 1.. If you don't like us we encourage forks.

Deep Dive Into the "Legos"

https://potlock.org/legos and https://potlock.org/legos-explained

As we build we are developing the concept of legos.

Potlock Ecosystem

Potlock is composed of projects, protocol, communities, contributors that make this happen. See the entire ecosystem at https://ecosystem.potlock.org

Tech That We Use

Tech Stack


How We Are Using


a front end framework for development where JSX code is stored as composable components on the social.near contract the NEAR blockchain that can be rendered across different clients (gateways)

We are using for our entire front ends on our app.

Allows use to easily fork existing components.

A layer 1 blockchain with smart contracts on Rust.

We are building smart contracts, using existing contracts like social.near,

Cheap and fast transactions. Their is no quadratic funding contract.

An accelerator platform on NEAR where founders, contributors and service providers can interact & interface both leveraging the nearhorizon.near contract and social.near contract built as a BOS native platform. Partners with accelerator in the ecosystem, is open source, and serves as a project directory.

As a project directory and pipelining organization to existing accelerator partners.

Projects must registers, allow us to easily onboard to accelerator, and public good projects already on NEAR Horizon to sign up for Potlock. Already existing components we can fork with support from the NEAR Foundation.

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