💸Revenue Model

We gotta eat too

A PotLock everyone eats and there are incentives for every stakeholder. Every matching round a fee is allocated an split between

  • Round Managers Fee -> protocol fee for facilitating Pot

    • Responsibilities include: accepting applications, evaluating attestations and rewarding SBTs, and reviewing milestones

  • Protocol Fees -> goes toward development and maintaining PotLock. Fee taken from donation contract and quadratic funding pools

  • Donations: contract takes a Protocol Fee (facilitated by DAO to fund development and growth of platform) for general donations.

  • Referral Donations: Through referral function on donation contract, everyday people can generate referral donation links for general donations.

  • Referral for Matching Rounds: Get a fee for getting people to donate to the round. Incentivize anyone to bring larger patrons in.

  • Permissionless Quadratic Funding Rounds: charging an extra fee for rounds that have their own parameters for reviewers, eligibility for donors and patrons. These rounds are not indexed by our BOS components or platform. For example using our quadratic factory contract for a Quadratic Lenster equivalent.

WIP - adding range number and calculations

💵Current Fees

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