👷‍♂️BOS Gateway + Workspace

Fork our decentralized front ends and build your own custom experiences.

BOS is a front end React like framework where you can save front end JSX code directly on chain (NEAR Protocol) to composable multichain web app experiences.

BOS Workspace

PotLock bos-app is setup using BOS Workspace. Make sure to change potlock.near to your respective NEAR account to deploy all the components to when you are forking. The following workspace lets you easily deploy all components into mainnet and hotload local components into the NEAR.org gateway.

Using A Web IDE

This best Web IDE for developing a gateway by far is jutsu.ai . Here you can fork components and even make PRs directly to the original component. without installing external dependencies

Deploy your Own BOS Gateway

If you want to fork our components and build custom experiences, put under your own domain, and external dependencies to the VM. deploy on BOS gateway, available at https://bos.potlock.org

You can easily host your gateway on a service like vercel or fleek.co


  • Still need to setup testnet BOS workspace and components deployed under potlock.testnet

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