💵Current Fees

Our current on chain referral fees, subject to change

Direct Donations

Protocol Fee: 2.5% (optional) paid out to impact.sputnik-dao.near to support development and expansion of potlock.

Referral fee (optional): 5% given to those who share and promote projects. If someone donates through link than an automatic payout upon donating will be given to referred. For more information on how to refer go to

Fees are subject to change on DAO based on sentiment for donors, projects, and those raising donations.

Project Registration (0.05 - 0.08 NEAR) : all fees associated with registration goes toward gas for saving social profile on social.near contract and adding project ot nearhorizon.near and registry.potlock.near registry


Fundraiser Fee - taken from referral fees on chain from amount by someone giving to funding pool

Referral Fee - taken from matched donations (taken before amount is matched), check Pot settings as this is set by PotDeployer (may be 0, we may be hard coding a max amount for this)

Chef Fee - taken from Pot (depends on Pot deployer)

Protocol Fee - taken from donations and also those contributing to matching pools.

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